Walmart, Best Buy, Microsoft, Amazon & More Expected to Drop This Week – November 29-December 5

The Black Friday sale may have ended, but we have a wave of new Xbox Series X/S re-stocks coming from November 29th-December 5th.

Right now, it’s still very hard to find an Xbox Series X/S and it won’t be easier before 2022. Now that all Black Friday Xbox Series X sales have ended, there’s little chance of getting our hands on a new console before Christmas.

Some stores are already tempting to re -stock their Christmas, but demand has never been higher than it is now.

Meanwhile, the elusive Xbox Series X fridge is still available in stores at this retailer.

Here are all the re -stock of last week’s Xbox Series X/S.

Now, let’s take a look at all the Xbox Series X/S stocking information we know of between November 29th-December 5th.

All Xbox Series X/S Restock – November 29 -December 5

Walmart Re -stock Xbox Series X/S

Walmart Re -stock Xbox Series XS

Walmart Xbox Series X/S Stock Resale Date: November 29th

It’s official – Walmart will have a re -stock of the new Xbox Series X/S this Cyber ​​Monday and there seem to be plenty of consoles to grab. The next drop is for Walmart+ members exclusively and will take place at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

Don’t forget that the free trial of Walmart+ won’t allow you to access the Xbox fall. However, you can at least pay a monthly membership to avoid the annual fee.

However, Walmart has also canceled Xbox Series X orders after the recent Black Friday re-stock. And that certainly exacerbates fans who have lost their consoles just so Walmart could experience another drop on Cyber ​​Monday.

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Best Buy Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X | S at Best Buy

Xbox Series X/S Best Buy Stock Resale Date: This Week (Rumored)

While we expected Best Buy to have an Xbox console for Black Friday, the retailer never broadcast live. Taking that into account, we expect a decline next week, when retail holiday sales decline.

Best Buy is advertising next -generation stocks soon. This could point to Cyber ​​Monday as an incoming decline, but we think the store will most likely go live this week.

Best Buy has also been known to enjoy re -stock in -store, and it’s time we got another drop in person.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Stock

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restart Date: This Week (Rumors)

We’re certainly expecting to re-stock the Xbox Series X at Microsoft this week, after a disappointing performance record in recent history. Microsoft Customer Service Representative has promised fans that the drop of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X will happen.

It looks like fans can also now sign up for an Xbox Series X invitation email here, and the Halo console can also be included in a fan-exclusive drop as well!

But at the same time, the Microsoft Store is still completely broken, with scalpers seizing available stock in the blink of an eye. Hopefully the Xbox publisher can collect it soon.

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Amazon Xbox Series X/S Stock

Xbox Series X | S on Amazon

Amazon Xbox Series X/S Stock Resale Date: This Week (Rumors)

Finally, after months of waiting, Amazon went live with the Xbox Series X on November 24th. And even if the decline isn’t as big as you’d expect after so long, it’s still nice to have more stock on offer.

Since Amazon isn’t the usual Xbox Series X re -taper, we don’t expect it to have more consoles anytime soon. But there should be another drop of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X in our near future.

After all, reports suggest that Amazon just kicked the scalper off its site with a fake Halo Xbox drop.

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Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X | S by Antonline

Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restart Date: November 29 (Rumored)

Last week, Antonline offered both Xbox Series X and S consoles. However, online-only retailers typically have plenty of Xbox stock and can’t miss the holidays.

We predict that Antonline will have at least some X/S Series consoles for sale on Cyber ​​Monday.

However, keep in mind that they will probably sell the Xbox console in one bundle to deter scalpers and drive pricing.

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Re -stock Xbox Series X/S GameStop

Xbox Series X | S at GameStop

Xbox Series X/S GameStop Stock Date: This Week (Rumors)

It seems the rumor is true-GameStop actually stockpiled the Xbox Series X/S before Black Friday. So we got a drop in store on Thanksgiving, followed by a very successful Black Friday re -stock!

Given that GameStop has experienced some weight drop, it may not be able to go live as soon as this.

If the retailer doesn’t have Cyber ​​Monday’s sharp decline to completely wipe out its stock, expect to see the console here again in a few weeks.

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Target Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X | S on Target

Target Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: Different

In case you didn’t already know, Target sells Xbox Series X/S consoles exclusively in stores today. Don’t expect any nationwide drop, instead just go to the Target store early in the day to get the best results.

Additionally, there is new exclusive Xbox Series X hardware in store at Target right now.

What’s more, we still haven’t seen a drop in Halo Xbox on Target since pre-orders went live.

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That’s all we know about the Xbox Series X/S re-stock wave between November 29-December 5 now. But be sure to check back as we update this article throughout the week!

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