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Apple Hires Cisco’s Stella Low As New Communications Boss

Apple has hired a new vice president of worldwide corporate […]

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Instagram Is Changing Therapy For People Of Color

Like any good daughter of immigrants, I aspire to excel […]

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Facebook Is Worried Starbucks Will Leave Over Hate

Facebook is scrambling to prevent Starbucks from leaving its platform […]

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How TikTok Is Permanently Changing Starbucks

Ben Kothe / BuzzFeed News Stomachs churned and food service […]

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How “Shrek” Changed Animated Movies Forever

When did Shrek win you over? Do you remember which […]

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Venmo Exposes Old Profile Photos With No Way For To Remove Them

Venmo has a privacy loophole that exposes any profile photos […]

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COVID Made People Delete Facebook And Instagram

There’s one line from Twitter power user Chrissy Teigen’s latest […]

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