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Facebook Allows Ads To Target Users Interested In Militias

For months after it banned violent extremist groups, Facebook’s advertising […]

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RIP Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers will be shutting down forever, per an announcement […]

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See If Your Police Used Facial Recognition Tech Clearview AI

Clearview AI has created a powerful facial recognition tool and […]

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Amazon Has Defeated The Union Drive In Alabama

The votes in the union election at an Amazon warehouse […]

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Clearview AI Offered Thousands Of Cops Free Trials

A controversial facial recognition tool designed for policing has been […]

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Vietnamese Americans Beg YouTube To Fight Misinformation

Maria Nguyen for BuzzFeed News Young Vietnamese Americans are desperately […]

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New iPad, Apple TV, AirTags, And iMacs

Apple held an event today to announce new products. There […]

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Apple AirTag Versus Tile Tracker

To many people, Apple’s new AirTag will seem like an […]

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Why Am I Sp Bad At Typign?

To solve my typos, I had to become a typo. […]

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