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Facebook Made Playbook To Respond To Polarization Accusations

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Facebook chief product officer Chris […]

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Conspiracy Theory Books About COVID Are All Over Amazon

Conspiracy theorist David Icke’s lies about COVID-19 caused Facebook, Twitter, […]

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Facebook Is Working On A Wearable AR Wrist Device

Facebook is working on a new neural wristband that can […]

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Facebook Is Building An Instagram For Kids

Instagram / BuzzFeed News Executives at Instagram are planning to […]

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Brands Drop David Dobrik Over Vlog Squad Misconduct Allegations

Francois recalled a 2017 incident when Dobrik tricked him into […]

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Slack Is Letting You Cross-Platform Message People Outside Your Work

Today, workplace chat company Slack launched a new feature with […]

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Far-Right Militias Are Recruiting On Facebook, Report Finds

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress on Thursday, to […]

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QAnon Believers Are Grappling With Biden’s Presidency

When I first found 27-year-old Ashley Vanderbilt’s TikTok account, it […]

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Amazon Union Organizers Look For Path Outside NLRB

Amazon repeatedly violated the rights of employees who pushed for […]

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