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Facebook Considers Facial Recognition For Smart Glasses

Facebook is discussing building facial recognition into its upcoming smart […]

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Instagram Live “Rooms” Let Four People Go Live Together

Instagram is expanding its livestreaming function, which will now allow […]

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Zillow Maps Show Historical Displacement From Freeways

Ghost boxes in Zillow’s maps of cities like Chicago and […]

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David Brooks Resigns From The Aspen Institute

David Brooks has resigned from his position at the Aspen […]

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A Twitter Bug May Have Kept You From Muting “WandaVision”

If you were trying to protect yourself from WandaVision spoilers […]

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Democrats And Republicans Are Coming After Big Tech

WASHINGTON — There’s a growing bipartisan appetite in Congress to […]

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Influencers’ Mirror Pictures Might Not Be Mirror Pictures At All

In 2021, it’s obvious most people understand that what influencers […]

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