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Why Won’t More Influencers Talk About Money?

In the opening scene of The D’Amelio Show, Heidi D’Amelio […]

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iPhone 13 Has New Camera, Smaller Notch

Fear or avoidance of the number 13 is so ingrained […]

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You Can Finally Type On The New Apple Watch

Do you ever imagine what your great-great-grandparents would say if […]

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Facebook And Ray-Ban Camera Glasses Are Here (Review)

Facebook has just released Ray-Ban Stories, sunglasses with tiny cameras […]

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Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Trial Begins Over Theranos Promises

With her black turtlenecks and wide-eyed stare, Elizabeth Holmes for […]

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Digital Driver’s Licenses On iPhone Are Coming To Georgia And Arizona

Apple’s digital state ID initiative is finally getting underway. Announced […]

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