Some Switch OLED Pre-Orders Still Not Fulfilled Yet

The Nintendo Switch OLED has finally arrived but some player pre -orders are still unfulfilled.

The hype for the Nintendo Switch OLED is real.

Many players are lucky enough to pre -order the system.

Others simply rely on re -stocking online and in -store.

Now that the console has finally made its debut, some gamers have been left waiting for their console.

Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED Still Not Fulfilled

Demand for Nintendo’s latest console is still high and stocks are still limited.

This shortage suggests that even some retailers are having difficulty meeting Nintendo Switch OLED pre -orders.

Players have shared them concerns about this on Reddit.

This GameStop customer states orders placed with retailers do not have status information.

Also, other players jumped in the comments to share similar experiences.

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Furthermore, this is not an isolated case of GameStop.

Other customers from Best Buy have also voiced their concerns on the rising voting platform.

The situation with Best Buy is quite different from what happened at GameStop.

In particular, the system at Best Buy does not fill in the estimated delivery date.

Even though the launch day has passed, many players still haven’t received even the estimated delivery date from Best Buy.

Furthermore, this is an incident that affected some orders.

Additionally, other users stated that their Nintendo Switch Best Buy OLED orders were also not fulfilled.

Also, some Reddit users claim they contacted Best Buy directly to find out what caused this.

Also, according to them, Best Buy claims there is not enough stock for all pre-orders.

This is very odd, considering that Best Buy actually sells Nintendo Switch OLEDs in -store.

Also, other Best Buy customers stated they were told something else by their local Best Buy.

Some stores seem to claim that the units have not yet arrived at their locations.

In addition, Walmart customers suffered the same fate.

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Needless to say, many still have to wait a few more days for their new consoles.

Hopefully, order cancellation will not happen in this case.

However, we see this issue coming up quite a bit with many customers checking their shipping status, indicates a delayed OLED Switch delivery date of up to a week.

Let us know below if you are still waiting for you.

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