Pirate Paper Bag Puppets – with printable template

All set to make Chat Like Pirate Day even a lot more entertaining? Establish and converse to this pirate paper bag doll!

Paper bag dolls have been well-liked with children for many many years, and these are actually great explanations for you to walk all around and talk like a pirate.

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You can also discover practical templates for some information about this puppet established at the stop of this write-up. pirate? Whether escalating a beard or shaving, there are a good deal of ways to flip boys and girls into pirates.

Permit your kid’s creativity information you by means of this method.

Pirate - Paper Bag Doll

How to make a pirate paper bag doll

Factors you need to have:

  • cardboard or construction paper
  • paper bag
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • Gold glitter foam sheet or gold glitter card paper

Supplies for making pirate paper bag dolls

move-by-phase guidance

If you desire, you can print out the template (found at the base of this post) and minimize it out.

Upcoming, slash a few substantial squares of paper and stick them into a paper bag. You can also stick it on the flapping side of the square bottom or paint it with a paper bag.

Step 1

To give the shirt a stripe, slash a piece of paper and adhere it (or repaint) it to the bag.

For the pirate belt, stick a brown paper strip to the paper bag.

Reduce off excessive paper with scissors.

Step 2

I manufactured a pirate out of a striped shirt… Now let’s make a pirate in a vest.

Cut two “50 percent circles” and zigzag the base, then connect the vest to the pirate’s shirt (see image below). Use paper to increase details.

Step 4

There are lots of additional ways to costume a pirate. Have some fun.

belt making

Let us end the belt. For the buckle, slash a rectangle out of gold glitter foam or cardstock and connect it to the pirate’s belt.

Subsequent, slash a small rectangle lesser than gold out of black paper and connect it to the middle of the belt.

Step 3

Go to the head. Trace head template on flesh-coloured paper. Slice it out and glue it to the best of the paper bag.

Step 5

Let’s make a bandana! The outline is incorporated in our template so you can trace the bandana template to colored paper, slash it out and adhere it on top of the pirate head.

Time to do your hair. Slash your hair out of colored paper and slide it underneath your bandana or hat when the glue is even now moist.

Step 6

earring? Why not :).

Step 6-1

There is no want to stick to just the bandana. I wish I experienced a pirate with a good pirate hat.

Step 7

make a deal with

Now let us make the face. Get started by tracing the eye template on white and black cardboard. Glue the eyes jointly (or attract a black with a marker) and then connect them to the pirate’s face.

mustache? Discover an overview in our printable templates.

Step 8

You can also incorporate eyelashes to the lady pirate.

Step 9

Attract the nose and mouth with a black marker. You can also attract a freshly unshaven beard with a marker.

What would a pirate do without the need of a sword? Make 1 and connect it to the pirate puppet (with template).

boy pirate doll

Just isn’t she fairly?

girl pirate puppet

Make as lots of as you want. The even larger the crowd, the a lot more enjoyable.

boy pirate bag doll

These will be so a lot entertaining to play with.

pirate doll

Why not insert a parrot to this crew as perfectly?

pirate paper bag doll

Get the pirate paper bag doll template in this article

If you want to make a parrot to perform with your pirate sailor, we also have a parrot template!

Get the pirate paper bag doll template right here.

Task contributed by Jacquelyn.

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