LETRA: #OFB Double Lz – Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer (Lyrics)

#OFB Double Lz – Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer (Lyrics)

Aye, aye, Plugged In with Fumez The Engineer

You know the vibes


Gunshots for any boy

Grrrt, hahaha

Trust me, you know the vibes
He got sat down like a primary assembly

Energy, energy, bro beat corn on the enemies

He coulda got spawn in the memories

Hella juice spilled like Hennessy

I slapped at a man and he ran

Try get a headtop like J.F. Kennedy

Definitely, definitely, one of them soon go cemetery

Should know who’s life in jeopardy

I wet down Snypez with a bruckdown diva’

Got two in one, that was lightwork

Getaway clean with a left and a right turn

Would’ve known it’s me that trimmed off his sideburns

Might ying that down, we spin back ’round

Bro fling that out tryna lick man down

Heard he got a voice, better sit back down

Well he ain’t got a choice when the big bang’s out

Man circle around like an analogue stick

Try get a headtop, ’bout manalogue dip

Grrt, bye, fam I lost it

Jump out, jump out, tell your brudda “Don’t slip”

More racks on my age, more yatts on my case

Had to tell a bad one “Leave me alone”

Cah you don’t contribute to my P’s on the road

I told her it’s me on my own

Alakazam when the calibre bangs

If you chill on that block, you’re dead

I go mad on a man if he hangs with the gang

And he don’t wanna slide or step

There’s a word going ’round round town

Yo, stay in your house, don’t hang in them ends

You ain’t done drills, just relax, relax

If Bugga jumps out then its khalas, khalas

Watch the bells in the shotty both seperate

Bro flew out the ride, tryna relegate

We ain’t come for a fight like MMA

Feet step on the gas, love accelerate

Your friend got uhh, left you devastated

Car, bine and metal blades

Might be on two wheels and pedal ‘way

So it was back and forth on several days

My broski said I’m a psycho

The way I hopped out, wet that like lido

Chop his ear, one in his chest

Me, I don’t know how they drill on their iPhone

You ain’t ever flew out the ride like Five-O

Live’O, we’re gonna get back like Shiro

Trino, the teeth come big like rhinos

Skeng ting beats on the block like a side hoe

Watch the gang two-step, like who’s next?

To sex, spin this round like a roulette

Shotgun barks, give a fuck ’bout your two ‘peds

Broski flew out and try leave a yute dead

I’ve been on the 9 like a hundred times

They’ve told like a hundred lies

If I hear there’s a glide then I jump inside

Bro thump it twice, pray it dumbs his life

Pedal-bike glides to the 9 with brucie

Huh, you got wet down like a coochie

Samurai swords like the ones from movies

Juicy, juicy, I swear he’s up juicin’

Creep up quiet, we ain’t shoutin’ out “Who’s he?”

Broad day duties, so don’t move Susie

Dookie flew out the hoopty

Bookie, tryna slap man with his cutie

I ran down Jojo and I ran down Nino

Reverse up the ding-dong right where they’re chillin’

I ran down Snypez, I ran down Mickz

And I ran down Twinz and he ran to the flats

I ran down Wavey, he really got diced

Should’ve got it like three, four times in his back

Huh, he really caught life

Man, it ain’t just rap, I really bore guys

Pressin’ nine three times, I ain’t callin’ no babylon

You’re gonna see a man with his bally on

Hella talk, hella talk, we just tell them “Carry on”

Bro jumped out tryna bang it on

Wheels on the 9 block, could I call that my block?

Why not, ride out, shave mans hi-top

Whoo, whoo, why not, why not

Whoo, whoo, switch mans lights off

Fumez The Engineer

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