Is Pokemon Unite Pay to Win?

Pokemon Unite is the newest MOBA on the block, and players have already reported that the game might Pay to Win.

The Pay to Win feature in video games is generally known to be one of the worst parts of the industry. When one of your favorite games has a Pay to Win feature, you often have to work hard for hours or spend money on micro transactions.

After all, without spending money, you will enter online multiplayer at a loss. And if your enemies have opened their wallets, you will have a hard time keeping up with them from the very beginning.

Pokemon United
(Source: Nintendo)

But is Pokemon Unite Pay-to-Win like many games before? Micro -transactions in games like this can affect its lifespan, so we’ve put together a full analysis for you.

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Pokemon Unite – Pay to Win?

Does Pokemon Unite Pay to Win? Our decision was largely yes, but it wasn’t too easy.

To know in advance whether Pokemon Unite is Pay to Win or not, it is important to understand all the currencies of this game.

Make sure you choose the best Pokemon Unite starter so you don’t have to buy it later!

UPDATE: Pokemon Unite Pay to Win Concern Discussed on Reddit

Pokemon Unite Currencies & Microtransactions Explained

  • Aeos Gems-the only paid currency in Pokemon Unite. Used to buy Pokemon, Battle Pass, and Holowear, and many other items.
  • Aeos Coins – Earned through battles (up to 2100 per week), as well as through events, challenges and Energy Rewards
  • Aeos Tickets – Earned as a staged match season reward, as well as from events, other resources and paid Battle Passes
  • Energy – Earned from battle. Can also be purchased with Aeos Gems paid currency.
  • Item Enhancer – Used to upgrade held items. The main thing to be stronger. Can be obtained through the game, or purchased with Aeos Tickets.
  • Fashion Tickets and Holowear Tickets-obtained from various sources such as Energy Rewards-are purely for cosmetics and cannot be purchased.
Pokemon Unite Microtransactions pays to win Aeos Gems
(Source: Nintendo)

Now, with so many currencies in the game, it’s hard to keep track of your spending in Pokemon Unite – a sign of the Pay to Win game.

But what do you need to look out for?

Well, Aeos Coins can be used to buy very important Battle Items at an affordable price. They can also be used to buy Pokemon, and most players will be able to select at least one new recruit in their first week, thanks to the many challenges and objectives that need to be completed.

We do not predict that this high rate of decline will last indefinitely. And for a cheaper Aeos Gems cost, or a slightly higher Ticket amount, you can increase your Coin earnings by up to a week.

It’s important to check out our Pokemon Unite Level List before spending your hard -earned Aeos Coins!

Upgrade Items in Pokemon Unite

But where Pokemon Unite can really stray into Pay to Win territory is with its item upgrades. After all, just by modifying your Held Item, players can head to a Pokemon Unite that is already stronger than their opponent.

Now, I build my Pikachu with Muscle Band, which I have upgraded to Grade 10 by spending my (earned) Item Enhancer. While each upgrade only costs a handful of Enhancers each, to achieve Grade 11 I now have to spend 25 Item Enhancers on one boost.

Already, my item has changed from giving me +1 Attack to +5 Attack and +2.5% Basic Attack Speed. Moreover, to reach Grade 10, the item now also increases my Base Attack damage by 2% of the opponent’s remaining Pokemon HP.

And that’s only Grade 10, each item can be upgraded up to Grade 30 – with far greater benefits for boots.

united pokemon pay to win
(Source: Nintendo)

It’s a good boost that I now have a new player, or someone less skilled to upgrade. And even if I don’t spend money on this boost, I can buy more Item Enhancers if I choose.

Each Enhancer Item costs 10 Aeos Tickets, which cannot be purchased directly. But when your Tickets run out, players have the option to use Aeos Gems instead of them-actually earning the title as Pay to Win.

In addition, you can also purchase a Pokemon Unite Battle Pass.

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Pokemon Unite Battle Pass – Pay to Win

By purchasing a Pokemon Unite Battle Pass, I will gain access to a few more additional Aeos Tickets. Battle Pass gives a good amount for free too, of course, but I will earn more with the purchase.

The only way to buy a Battle Pass is with 490 Aeos Gems, or 840 for a 10 level upgrade. With that, the Battle Pass would set me back about $ 8 a season.

Yes, some might see the Pokemon Unite Battle Pass as a Pay to Win, but that’s far from the worst level. Thanks to Aeos Gems being allowed to upgrade Held Items, players can continue to pay for in -game advantages.

Of course, Play to Win users can catch up eventually, but not without one of the biggest problems in recent gaming history.

Do you agree? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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