Is Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential Worth It? (Review)

Bluehost SiteLock Alternatives

At this stage of the article, you may clearly understand SiteLock is not worth your money. You can also secure your website without purchasing SiteLock security as the pricing is too high.

There are lots of alternative methods to secure your website. I am going to mention some of them which help you to save your money.

You can choose one of these given options that suits your needs well.

SiteLock vs SSL

If you are not a beginner you might have heard of an SSL certificate which comes free for any website. 

SiteLock and SSL are two different things. Let me explain this so you get cleared about Sitelock vs SSL.

SiteLock is a tool that will help you to detect malware and protect your website from hackers. It also helps you to fix the issue.

A digital certificate known as an SSL Certificate encrypts and authenticates communications between web browsers and web servers. 

An SSL certificate turns your URL from HTTP to HTTPS, which is a secure website URL and also builds trust among your audience. 

In simple words, If your website has an SSL certificate and when someone enters their email address to purchase something from your website or someone subscribes to a newsletter of your website, that data directly comes to your server without going anywhere else.

Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate with all their hosting plans. You can directly add the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to your website with Bluehost hosting.

Having an SSL certificate on your website is also very important for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the major ranking factors in search engines.

WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress security plugins provide so many useful features compared to SiteLock security Bluehost. 

With millions of installations, WordPress security plugins have a little bit extra compared to SiteLock security. You can also purchase the pro version of these plugins which costs you less compared to SiteLock security – essential.

So, here are some freemium WordPress security plugins that you can use on your website:

iTheme Security: iTheme Security is a freemium WordPress plugin that means it has two versions; Free and paid. It prevents your website from hackers and protects your website from all types of attacks.

WordFence: It is one of the best WordPress security plugins available on WordPress. I personally use this plugin and I found this plugin too helpful. It provides all the features available in the SiteLock security tool. You can also purchase the pro version of the plugin to unlock more features.

Sucuri : At last, I am going to mention Sucuri. It also prevents your website from all types of vulnerabilities and malware.

All these security plugins will send Email notifications if someone tries to log in to your admin panel (Failed login attempts). 

But do not use all these plugins together. You only need one security plugin. Installing all of these security plugins will harm your website.

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