Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic Worth it? [Detailed Review 2022]

Benefits of Bluehost Codeguard Basic

In this section, I will show you the benefits of choosing the Bluehost codeguard basic add-on service. Basically, there are four benefits of choosing Codeguard basic, which are:

Automatic Daily BackupWebsite MonitoringRedundancyOne-Click Restore

Now, let’s get into the details of each of these benefits.

Automatic Daily Backup

This is the best feature of the Bluehost codeguard basic. Codeguard takes a daily automatic backup of your website and saves it to different locations. 

It also creates timestamps so you can always restore back a version of your site at a specific date. You don’t need to take backups manually.

If something changes in your site, Codeguard will take a backup and you have access to them whenever there is a need.

Codeguard will not backup your Cache files (generated to reduce bandwidth and server load), Log Files, Other temporary files.

Website Monitoring

Codeguard also monitors your website for any changes. If you did something wrong with your site or someone is trying to hack your site, Codeguard protects you against this with ChangeAlert emails.

Codeguard will automatically notify you within minutes If something unauthorized changes will happen with your website.


The old of your website will not be deleted. It will save the redundant copies of your website in different locations. 

One-Click Restore Option

The One-Click website restoration option is a huge benefit offer by Bluehost codeguard basic. 

You can restore your website to a previous backup with just a single click and your website will be backed up to a previous version without any problem.

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