How to Migrate a WordPress site with “All in one Wp Migration”?

It is not a very difficult task to migrate a website. But sometimes the most annoying and irritating method is to migrate WordPress sites.

All in one wp migration is a free WordPress Plugin which focused entirely on migrating your site to a new server or domain name. The WordPress site is one of the most efficient and highway for moving.

All-in-one wp migration plugin exports the database, media files, plugins and themes to WordPress, which do not have technical knowledge. In all in one wp migration, any serialization problems during the find/replace operation will also be fixed. If you recently changed your hosting and switch to another then you will need to move your existing site.

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WP all in one migration’s free version supports moving sites up to 512MB in size. If your site is greater than 512 MB, you will need to go with the unlimited version, which removes the limit of 512 MB.

We assume in this article that your old hosting has not yet expired and that you have already bought a new plan and installed WordPress on your new host. Before doing this method make sure you’ve backup your all website data including your old password.

Below is the step by step methods to migrating a WordPress website:

Login to your WordPress site’s admin areaGo to the Plugins>>Add new Search All in one wp migration in right side BoxImage Source:- Google SearchAfter Installation Click on “Activate now”Find the menu for “All-in-One WP Migration” in the Dashboard and select “export”Image Source:- GoogleClick “Export To>>File”Image Source:- Google SearchAfter this, a small window pop-up to download your file. The file will download with the end of.wpressextension. Don’t change the name of the extension, the migration will fail.Image Source:- Google SearchLogin to your new site and make sure you’ve installed the all in one wp migration plugin on your receiving site.Under “All in one wp migration” click “Import“.Image Source:- Google SearchDrag and drop the .wpress file from the original site you downloaded and drag and drop the file to start importing.Image Source:- Google SearchAfter the successful importing click “Continue“.Image Source:- Google SearchOnce your import is confirmed, log out of your dashboard and log in back. You can log in. Don’t forget, all data, including your old password, have been imported from your old website.Image Source:- Google SearchOn the Dashboard Menus, select “Settings > Permalinks”, then click “Save Changes”. Any standard permalink structure information is unnecessary to edit.Image Source:- Google Search

This is it, your website is complete for migration. You can now check your new site to ensure it’s all right.

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