How to Make a Do-it-yourself Father’s Day Magic Card (Template Integrated)

These Father’s Working day magic cards are the coolest issue at any time!

You might have observed I

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These magic cards may seem a little tricky to make, but the first time you make them, you won’t be able to stop! You will get a printable template at the end of this tutorial, which will make it a lot easier.

They make the coolest craft projects for Father’s Day.

So what is magic? Let’s check… .

When you insert the hero card, all you see is the silhouette of a man with the words My Dad.

When you remove the card, a colored version of the picture begins to appear. Pretty neat, right? Oh but there are more!!!

To make this card even more magical, pull out a card to reveal who your daddy is, a hero right away! With emblems and cloaks, etc. Are you saying it’s awesome? And you can also add details to the background to make the card stand out even more. I think we can all agree that these are the best DIY Father’s Day cards kids can make.

The I love dad is magic card is similar (unless you add it yourself) with the difference that it doesn’t reveal any hidden elements. But it’s also really nice to look at!

how to make a magic card for father’s day

Things you need

  • Printable template (can be imported at the end of the tutorial)
  • heavier print paper
  • Heavier color printing paper/composition paper (I like the Astrobrights paper)
  • Clear plastic (perforated pockets for folders work well – go to clear glossy pockets – other clear plastic foils also work)
  • alcohol marker
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler

Optional: Stickers to decorate the frame

Three templates are available: My Dad, One My Hero, I

Step-by-step instructions for making a Father’s Day magic card

Print the template. To make one card, you’ll need the first page of the printable PDF (for the card frame) and one of the other pages with your design.

Print your design on white paper. The frame could also be white, but a colored frame would definitely look better.

Cut out two rectangles along the outline of the page with your design.

First cut the frame (along the outer edge) into a sheet with a rectangle that is different from the frame.

There is a rectangle inside the frame (denoted by a full line) – that rectangle needs to be cut.

This is how the framed part of the Father’s Day magic card should look.

Also cut a long rectangular shape (along the entire line).

Fold along the dotted line.

Also fold along all the dotted lines on the frame. It is important to make the folds as sharp as possible.

We usually run it across the fold using a craft stick to help it.

Also take a square (no design) printed on white paper and fold it along the dotted lines. The two folds should face the same side as shown in the image.

Place the paper in the position shown (with the back side of the paper folded down) and glue along the thin folds (both left and right).

Father’s Day Magic Card Frame Making

Place it inside the frame as shown. The folds of white paper go under the folds of the frame. Press the blue part and apply glue to the blue part as well.

Close the card and press until the adhesive hardens. You may want to press it with a book while you continue with the other steps.

The picture below gives you a rough idea of ​​what your Father’s Day magic card frame should look like by now. There are “two departments”, one below the white paper and the other above (with the frame open).

Place the rectangle with the design on (or under) the transparent foil. Use it as a template to create the same shape with clear plastic.

Cut the plastic slightly to make it slightly thinner and shorter than it was designed on paper.

Place plastic foil over the design (align it on top), place both the paper and foil with the design between the folded rectangles and staple everything together (the rectangle is a decoration, so you can skip this step if you’re having trouble).

Grab a permanent marker (better quality gives better results) and trace the thicker lines appearing in the design on the transparent foil. The word father and the figure of a man.

If you’re making I

Remove the foil and color the design.

You can also color your design early in your project, but it’s a bit more difficult to keep track of if you’re using a darker color when coloring.

insert card

These beats are an important part of making the magic happen! You must slide the card with the design behind the blank paper on the card frame…

And the foil on the blank paper (between the blank and the open part of the frame).

Push the card all the way in.

You can trim the sides a bit if the cards get jammed. Push and pull the card a few times to loosen it. After a few uses, it works smoothly.

excellent! I made a magic card for Father’s Day! You can also use stickers to decorate the frame to make it look a little more wacky.

Father’s Day Get Magic Card Template

Get the template here: Magic Card FD

Happy Crafting

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