How to fix Modern Warfare and Warzone Error Codes

Modern Warfare and Warzone error codes have proven to be a common issue for gamers on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Below is a list with the most common and well -known error codes along with any potential solutions. They have been grouped into MW and Warzone with the most common errors appearing at the top; this list will be constantly updated.

Warzone Error Code

Error Code 8192

This is a known issue during server outages, often after major updates. This was detected during a busy period with player entry. You can check out the glitches here.

Goldflake Error Code

Users have reported this error message randomly appearing while waiting for a match or after being kicked out of a match.

The required network service has failed. Status: GOLDFLAKE

Goldflake Resolution Error Code: Users have reported clearing the device cache as a solution to this.

Error hk: ‘s

This is a common error message that usually appears before a string on a number.

  • hk: s = 571808m
  • hk: s = 596768m = 55482560: 12717632

Users have reported being in an online match, then were randomly kicked with this error message. While there is no known solution for this, we recommend that you check for server glitches and clear your cache.

Error codes 262146 & 270338

Commonly known error messages 262146 and 270338 appear during a primary server outage.

Developer Error 6036

Dev error message 6036 is a very common issue for PC users. Potential solutions include:

  • Force the game to re -update (shown in the video)
  • Clear your device’s cache (instructions here)

Warzone Server Line

Error Message: server is under heavy load. You have been put in the queue and will join the game soon. Estimated wait x hours x minutes x seconds. Current position: x

This is a known issue on PCs and often appears during certain spikes in traffic or after a recent major update. These queues are designed to avoid further spikes in traffic and to allow players to join gradually. Times have been known to change drastically half way through the queue though.

Warzone Connection Failed

Error Message: Unable to access online service.

This usually appears on major server glitches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players should check their online connection and server status for, Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. If there are no reports, this may be a local network issue for which you should try restarting your device and router.

Check out the Warzone glitch

Many Warzone error codes are the result of server glitches. You can check the real -time status below:

[featured_item_block postId=”4620″ linkText=”LIVE WARZONE STATUS”]

Modern Warfare Error Codes

Error Code 2048

Error 2048 is a well -known issue with no official resolution. It is theorized to be associated with player profiles.

This seems to disappear randomly for some players but others have reported deleting the game and reinstalling it to be a solution for them.

Error Code 656448

Players reporting error 656448 appearing while stuck on ‘taking an online profile’ or ‘connecting to an online service’. This occurred with a sharp increase in reports and may have been due to major disruptions.

Error Code 4

This is a software issue that seems to affect PC gamers.

Error Code 4 Resolution:

  • Go to ‘My Computer’.
  • In the left column click on ‘Documents’.
  • Click on the folder named ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’.
  • Delete the folder.

Modern Warfare Servants

Well -known issue regarding MW and Warzone multiplayer. This has emerged during large disruptions and traffic surges, eventually resolving on its own.

The Continuation of Modern Warfare Failed

Error Message: Unable to access online service.

Check your own internet connection, if this is fine then it is a server issue that you can check here.

Check for MW interference

Many Modern Warfare multiplayer error codes occur due to known server issues. You can check the real -time status below:

[featured_item_block postId=”5191″ linkText=”LIVE MODERN WARFARE STATUS”]

Common Troubleshooting

STEP 1: Clear Your Cache

[featured_item_block postId=”5706″ linkText=”STEP BY STEP GUIDE”]

STEP 2: Delete and reinstall the game

STEP 3: Check your network connection and preferably using ethernet. Our guide below can help with that:

[featured_item_block postId=”3029″ linkText=”LAG GUIDE”]

STEP 4: If nothing else works, try contacting Activision directly.

If you have any error codes that we haven’t specified or would like to discuss any issues, please use the comments section below:

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