How to Fix Ad Serving Has Been Limited on Your Adsense Account

Ad serving has been limited“, this question arises after the new Google Adsense update. Lots of people around the world will get this message from Adsense. Google is now making system updates to fight invalid traffic and suspicious activity on its ad networks.

Google works very hard to keep the ad ecosystem secure from fraud and poor ad experience for advertisers, editors, and customers. As a consequence, Google can sometimes restrict your AdSense account to the number of advertisements.

The message from AdSense is like this:

The number of ads you can show has been limited.


Ad serving on your account is being temporarily limited while we assess your traffic quality. We’ll automatically review and update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic. Learn more about ad serving limits.

What you can do

Continue to build your content and audience while we assess your site traffic. Also make sure you’re complying with the AdSense Program policies.

Ads will not be visible on your website after receiving this message. Even I also get this message from Adsense and Ads are not showing on my website. My 90% of traffic is organic and the rest is from social media.

So I research this and get some point why we get this message:

Video Tutorial:

What are the Reasons for “Temporary Ad serving Limit Placed on your Adsense Account”

Well, It’s happening to a lot of people currently, and nobody knows how long it might take. Google  Adsense is now very strict about its policies to fight against invalid traffic. Google Adsense will review your website traffic and if your traffic is valid then you don’t need to panic.

Below are some points which cause the Temporary Ad serving Limit Placed on your Adsense Account:

Invalid Traffic
Bot Traffic
Buy Traffic from Facebook, Instagram Etc.
People are using your site only for Backlinks.

If you do one of the above mention points then you probably get Ad Serving has been limited message.

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How You Can protect Yourself From Ad serving has been limited Message

Don’t try to buy traffic from third-party websites.
Don’t click on your own Adsense Ads.
Don’t Use Automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software.
Understand your website traffic by using Google Analytics.
Make sure your website traffic is totally organic.

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What you can do?

Your Adsense account is still fully accessible and you can view details about this account level enforcement in your Policy center.

In the meantime, we recommend that you review these resources on invalid traffic:

Steps to Fix Ad Serving Has Been Limited

If you want to fix Fix Ad Serving Has Been Limited message from your AdSense account then you need to follow these steps:

Remove the ads.txt file from the root folder of your hosting server.
Remove all ads code from your website (from header.php, widget, etc)
Deactivate ads inserter plugin from your website (If you’re using it)
Turn off Auto Ads
Archive all ads unit from your Adsense account

Remove the ads.txt file from the root folder of your hosting server

Before publishing ads on your website, AdSense recommends users insert the ads.txt file in the host server’s root folder. Ads.txt file allows publishers to declare who can sell google ads on their website.

The ads.txt file helps AdSense to track your website data. If you will remove this file from your hosting server’s root folder, you’ll receive one more error message as “Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact on your revenue.

you don’t need to worry about this error, we’ll fix this after removing ads has been limited message.

Remove all ads code from your website

After removing the ads.txt file, make sure that you remove all AdSense access from your website. Basically, ads code can be found on the header, footer side widget, or blog post.

To show ads on your site, you have to put the ads code on the respective field. Go to each location and remove all ads code from your site.

Deactivate ads Inserter plugin from your website

If you insert your ads through the ad inserter plugin on your site then you must remove your ad inserter plugin.

Deactivate the plugin and once again go through the upper step once more.

Turn off Auto Ads

Don’t forget to turn off auto ads. Login to your AdSense account on your browser’s incognito mode and click on ads>overview then turn off auto ads.

Archive all ads unit from your Adsense account

This is the last step in order to fix the Number of ads you can show has been limited message. Go to your AdSense dashboard and click on by ad unit (Right side from By site).

Click on the pencil icon (near three dots) and archive all ads unit one by one.

All done!

You have completed all the steps successfully, Now you’re thinking about how much time it takes to fix this error. You don’t need to do anything, just wait for 7-10 days. In the first few days, your page view on your Adsense account will reduce to Zero.

After reducing everything to zero, Adsense will withdraw their AdSense limit from your account as your Adsense account is no longer in use.

Once this error message disappears from your account, just follow these two steps:

Re-add the ads.txt file on your website’s root folder.
Activate the Adsense auto ads option.

If everything is perfect, within 24 hours ads will start showing on your blog.

Note:- Only enable auto ads, don’t create ads unit. otherwise, you will have to repeat the above process again if the Google Adsense team puts your account under review.

Pro Tip: If you still get a temporary ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account message after enabling auto ads, then I recommend you to remove your social links (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr). I also recommend you monitor your direct and referral traffic also.

I hope you’ll understand why you get the Temporary Ad serving Limit Placed on your Adsense Account. If Google Verifies the invalid traffic on your site then your account may be suspended or disable to protect advertisers and users.

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