How to Buy a PS5 From Sony (PlayStation Direct)

If you’re looking for a next -generation console, one of the best places to buy a PS5 is from Sony itself via PlayStation Direct!

Somehow we’re already a year into the PS5’s lifespan and it’s still hard to buy the next generation console. Due to the ongoing shortage of chips and labor problems caused by the outbreak, Sony is having trouble preparing PS5 stock for sale.

However, when it has a new console ready to ship, at least the publisher is kind enough to sell it to fans directly. In fact, buying a console directly through Sony via PlayStation Direct is one of the easiest ways to get a PS5 right now.

Interestingly, the Sony PS5 release tends to be invitation -only, meaning you have to get an invitation for the best chance of getting a console.

Target PS5


However, often Sony also allows those who are not invited to join the queue in the future, provided there are enough consoles to use! And now Sony allows players to sign up to get a PS5 via PlayStation Direct!

Sony PS5 Restock Tips – PS Direct

If you want to get the PS5 out of Sony’s next stock, here are some tips to help you protect that bag with PlayStation Direct!

How To Get An Invitation To Buy A PS5 From Sony

First things first, you need an invitation to get the best chance at the next generation console.

Here’s how to make sure you’re fully eligible for the Sony PS5 re -stock invitation!

Provide your PlayStation ID Initially

Of course, you’ll need to have a PlayStation ID to get access to Sony’s re -stocking PS5. And it really helps to provide the profile with the information needed to check in a hurry.

This means making sure that you have the latest payment information and shipping address stored on your profile as well.

Be Early to Stock PS5

The number one tip we can give you about re -stocking the PS5 at Sony is not to be late. Thanks to the PlayStation Direct queue system, you get a lot of benefits from going to the page early, and those who are late have little chance of getting a console.

Thankfully, Sony always gives us early notice when a drop will be broadcast live, and we’ll let you know when to expect the new PS5 to re -stock here.

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Sony PS5 Restock Tips - PlayStation Direct


Use Every Device You Have

There are no restrictions on re -stocking PlayStation Direct at Sony. Get the queue running on as many devices as possible for the best chance of grabbing a PS5.

If you have a spare phone, tablet, PC or more, get all screens in the Sony PS5 re -stock queue for best results. Then, when one of them reaches the front of the queue, you can easily check.

However, this does not work for multiple browser windows – just separate devices. As a side note, try to use your mobile on cellular data, so not all devices come from the same network.

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Use Incognito Mode

Allegedly, using Incognito Mode on a web browser often causes you to get shorter queues during Sony PS5 restores. However, doing so also means you have to log in with your PlayStation ID manually.

It seems that clearing your cache before the drop is posted has the same effect, but this is a bit hard to prove. Still, it’s worth a try.

Wait for the Right Waiting Time

When you first join the Sony PS5 re-stock queue on PlayStation Direct, you’ll probably be greeted with an estimated wait time of 1 hour. Thankfully, this is rarely true.

If you’re early to fall, expect the budget to go down soon and don’t be discouraged. Sony’s queue seems to have started an hour before moving to a more accurate estimate as more buyers flocked to the site.

Here’s how to get a PS5 at other major retailers:

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