GeneratePress Review 2022 | Better Theme Than Others?

You can choose this meta box to:

Sidebars: Adjust the number of sidebars or the direction of your sidebar (like changing the sidebar from right to left)Footer Widgets: Choose how many footer widgets you like to use.Disable Elements: Disable certain elements, like your header, navigation menu, post featured image, post title, or footer.Page Builder Container: Choose your page builder, content container type.

By disabling a certain element, you will be able to create a proper benchmark for your page builder plugin. This makes creating custom content as necessary simple. 

GeneratePress Site Library

This feature of GeneratePress Premium is very helpful for beginners as it gives users to import a ready-made design layout for their website.

Previously, you had to create GeneratePress sites on a blank campus, which made the theme difficult for beginners.

But now you don’t need to worry about it!

If you purchase the GeneratePress premium theme, you will get lots of pre-designed templates in your site library, which you can import in a single click.

After importing any template, your site looks exactly what it was in the template. And yes your site still uses GeneratePress!

GeneratePress Elements

It is one of the exciting features of the GeneratePress premium theme. With the help of GeneratePress elements, you can add certain codes to your header, footer, or any different sections of your website.

Whether you want to create a custom deals section below your blog post or want to add an author bio, with GeneratePress elements, you can do these things in just a few clicks.

GeneratePress elements is a type of small page builder that enables you to design your custom looking footers, sidebar, and headers of your website. 

You can even install the GenerateBlocks module to further expand the website’s features to the next level.

Basically, you can create 4 different types of elements using the element module.

Block ElementHeader ElementHook ElementLayout Element

Now, let’s learn more about these elements.

Block Element: Block Feature lets you create personalized website blocks that can be used to create your website’s custom headers, site footers, or website sidebars.

You can choose the location for your chosen pages and posts to show the Block Feature.

Header: This feature also allows you to create a custom header for posts and pages on your blog.

Hook Element: The Hook element helps you to add custom hooks to the different locations of your website.

With the help of this element, You can apply various codes to different parts of the website, including headers.php, footer.php, and other parts. 

This element helps you to add custom hooks like author bio at any place on your website. I create my author bio using the hook element of GeneratePress premium. 

Here is the detailed video on how to add an author bio in the GeneratePress premium theme:

Some people who don’t have enough coding knowledge used a plugin to paste codes into the theme files, but with the GeneratePress hook element, you don’t need to install any additional plugin.

Layout Element: With the help of the Layout element, you can change the sidebar layout on specific categories or set the content layout to full width on your entire site if you’re using a page builder everywhere.

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