Com vs Net – The Difference Between Domain Extensions 2020

Users are required to select a domain name along with a domain extension when creating a website in 2020. Initially, commercial companies were expected to use the .COM extension and network-related companies such as the Internet and email providers would use .NET.

However, the Com vs net distinction has become blurred over time, as many websites use .COM by default today.

In this article, we will discuss the main difference between the com vs net domain and find possible reasons to use them separately or to secure your online branding together.

What is .Com and .Net Domain Extensions

A domain name is your website’s internet address. This is what your users type in their browsers to reach your website. For Example,

Domain names are available in different extensions, such as com, net, org, and more.

You can freely select a domain name for a website from any of these extensions. These extensions have however been created to differentiate between different types of websites.

You must choose a domain name extension that fits your business while helping you build an industry recognizable brand and authority.

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When to Use a .Com Domain Extension

46.8% of today’s websites have a .com domain extension. By comparison, only 5.1 percent of websites use the next most popular extension, .ru (the country code of Russia). This alone tells you how many consumers have accepted the de facto extension of the website.

Companies that want to promote their products online and sell as much as possible are those that most need a .com website.

It appeals to internet users as the most legitimate platform and shows potential buyers that you have put your brand on the right track in the budget and time.

However, because people favor this domain extension over others, most good domain names can be expected to be used by a .com website already.

Some companies weigh their options when using another domain extension, whether it is .net, .io or a country code such as .ru or

When to Use a .Net Domain Extension

The main groups that use the .net extensions are Internet providers, network services, and database providers. For these types of companies, a .net domain can add validity to your brand, especially if your website does not have a strong commercial focus.

Take, one of the most popular .net websites. This is a free service from Ookla which tests your speed on the Internet. Dot Net was a wise choice for this type of website.

The alternative doesn’t seem so credible at a glance, as the ‘com’ means that there can be a paywall to get your data on the Internet.

At the same time, many network-oriented companies still use .com. For one thing, visitors are just used to entering the URL bar. Many smartphone keys have a special “.com” button, but no .net or .org.

If you prefer a .net extension to look at your website, you may still want to purchase the .com version and redirect it to your main site.

This ensures that you capture this traffic and that a competitor does not scoop it up. It is very easy to buy both domains and set up a redirect using a hosting service such as Bluehost.

Differences Between .Com vs .Net Domain Names

Com and Net are two of the most popular extensions for domain names. If the extension of your preferred dot com domain name is not available, many domain name generator tools suggest net as an alternative.

The .com domain name from COM represents business domain names. This includes all business websites, websites that want to make money online, personal websites, blogs, and portfolios.

On the other hand, the NET in the extension of the .net domain name is “network.” It is recommended and suitable for Internet service providers, email, and networking.

Com vs Net – Which is Better for SEO?

If you confused between .com vs .net extensions that which one is better for SEO then choosing either of them will not affect your SEO.

For your information Search Engine will treat both the domain names equal. It based on your business that which type of business you want to build online.

But you will need to just focus on SEO and create useful targeted content to rank higher.

We hope this article helped you to understand the difference between the extensions of com vs net domain names.

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