CoD Mobile Season 6 Update Brings Big Changes

CoD Mobile has just released Season 6: The Heat. This is all coming in an update!

The CoD Mobile Season 6 update is rumored to be released on August 1st. It came out two days early and there were many released! Time to see all that has just fallen!

Mobile CoD Update Season 6

Season 6 Multiplayer Position Rewards

Rankings typically award players for achieving MMR achievements with various skins, banners, XP and credit cards. Season 3 levels will be similar with some rewards that look really nice for higher level players.

Low -ranking players, up to Pro I will receive Street Art skins on a variety of weapons and deadly. Pro V will receive a charm, Master III will get a Street Venom skin on the CR-56 AMAX, and the rank of Legend will get a Legend MP banner.

CR-56 AMAX Street Venom

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Between these rows the player will get an Amethyst box. Each crate can drop a Watcher skin on a pistol, deadly or tactical at a rate of 9%. Powder Bomb Skin is a 5% drop chance on M16, RPD and MW11. At SMRS it is 7% along with the Heart in Neon sticker.

Lucky players can get a 1%Orchid Frame, a Hand Cannon banner or an Amethyst charm. More rare than that is the animated Ferrofluid skin. It had a decline rate of .8% for Sticky Grenade and Katana, as well as a decline rate of .3% for ICR-1 and HBRa3.

Season 6 Battle Royale Rank Rewards

New Ferrofluid Leather on Katana

Street Art skins and BR Series 3 stickers are available as rewards from Rookie II to Pro I. Pro V will receive a Street Art backpack, Master III will get a Lerch – Penalty Kick player model and Legendary players will get a BR Legend calling card. All other ranks will receive an Amethyst box.

New Skin Season 6

Aether Crystal Skin comes in a new update. For now it appears under the Completionist skin list. The descriptions for Primary and Secondary Schools (excluding melee weapons) state we must “survive in every battle” to unlock skins.

HS2126 shotgun with New Aether Crystal Camo

Players apparently have to kill 50 zombies in hard mode for one point towards their Aether Crystal skin. A total of 60 points is required to unlock the skin. This is subject to change.

Short range weapons will require all Aether Crystal kamos to be unlocked on different Main categories. This seems to only appear for a few players who have overcome the chaos.

New Weapons Season 6

The CoD Mobile Season 6 update has brought 4 new weapons.

Rytec AMR

AMR Rytec can be seen in the Sniper category. It can no longer be opened, although it can be found and used in Battle Royale. The statistics are:

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