Child Milestones Certificate Templates | Awards for Achievement

Reward kids with these fun child milestones certificate templates.

When children you know reaches one of these significant milestones, recognize their achievements with these cool awards. Personalize with the child’s name, date, and words of praise. Kids can hang them on the fridge, in their room or on a bulletin board. The certificates make a great keepsake.

15 Certificate Templates for Kids’ Milestones

That’s right, you get 15 certificate templates including:

1.) I can ride my bike.

2.) I know my Colors.

3.) Book Reading Star.

4.) I learned to Write.

5.) The Tooth Fairy Visited.

6.) I learned To Swim.

7.) I rode the School Bus.

8.) Kindergarten Diploma.

9.) I can count to 100.

10.) I can say the Alphabet.

11.) Preschool Graduation.

12.) I can Tie my Shoes. (Pink)

13.) I can Tie my Shoes. (Blue)

14.) You did it Potty Training Award.

15.) My First Day of School.

child milestones certificate templates

The certificates come via a link in which you’ll download a PDF file. The PDF file works on Macs and PCs. Download the PDF to your desktop and you’re good to go. Simple to use. The certificates can be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ typing paper.

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Usage Occasions

1.) Great for teachers, educators, and pre-school owners: If you’re working with a lot of young kids, you’ll find plenty of uses for these templates.

2.) Parents – Sometimes you’re children need a little push and a certificate might help you potty-train your child quicker than without.

3.) Grandparents – Your grandchildren will love these!

4.) Nannies.

5.) Swim teachers, art instructors and more.

Certificate Presentation Ideas

A.) When your child has accomplished one of these feats, make a little party out of it with a special meal, a treat, and the awarding of the certificate.

B.) Consider framing the certificate for a major accomplishment like learning to ride a bike.

C.) Post the certificate on bulletin boards, in your child’s bedroom, on the kitchen fridge, or elsewhere.

D.) Present certificates like the kindergarten diploma to not only your child but the whole class. Work with your child’s teacher to award the diplomas.

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Child Milestones Certificate Templates

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