Battlefield 2042 Players Can’t Find a Game as Servers Lie Empty

Battlefield 2042’s empty server looks like a death bell for a game on the ropes.

It’s supposed to be a glorious return for a franchise that has struggled to capture the imagination in recent years, but it looks more and more like Battlefield 2042 is a new low point for the series.

At launch – and since – the game has drawn criticism; with a lack of Battlefield’s core features (I mean really, no scoreboards or voice chat?), poor performance, and a lot of bugs that break the game into the most amazing critiques.

All this is compounded by the ever -increasing queue times experienced by players. Leading some to suggest that Battlefield 2042 could mark the death of the franchise.

Now, it seems that the game is reaching a crisis point, as players report that the server is just empty.

Battlefield 2042 Empty Server Means Players Can’t Find Games

The news that Battlefield 2042 is increasingly being played only by bots isn’t a new thing, but it seems the situation is getting worse, with players now claiming they can’t find any occupied servers.

This comes after a call to save the game by making it free to play, an action that not everyone who paid full price for the game a few months ago agreed with.

Battlefield Vehicles 2042


A recent thread on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit, where even the game developers themselves refused to look at it, has highlighted how low the server population has gotten and how badly the player base has changed.

Voted up by over 2000 people, the title reads:

“I actually paid $ 120 for a game I couldn’t play. The server is empty. ”

“I’m so sad to see my favorite franchise go to s ** t,” the Reddit user wrote. “I don’t expect this on any other title out there.

“It’s really heartbreaking.”

I literally paid $120 for a game I can’t really play. Servers are empty. 💔 from battlefield2042

Raw player numbers support this statement. While we can only get figures for Steam, the downward trend is noticeable.

From a peak of 105K simultaneous players on launch day, games now average around 7K. Last weekend (the weekend has traditionally been the most active time for gaming) Battlefield 2042 failed to hit the 10K score.

To put those figures into perspective. That amounts to less than half the players present at Battlefield V, a previous entry into the franchise. It gets worse, though Battlefield 1 2016 has managed to best of the latest game.

This is how the numbers have looked over the last seven days, courtesy of SteamDB.

With some now claiming servers failed to fill with bots, there are few things to do in a multiplayer shooter alone.

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What Now for Battlefield 2042?

In response, some people disagreed with the originator of the sequence, with many more asking EA to reimburse buyers who felt “cheated” by the publisher.

Whether the game has a future or not is uncertain. DICE is still actively communicating with the player base and released an update last week that made further improvements to the scoreboard.

Battlefield 2042 empty server boat no players


The voice chat function is also on its way, but by the time it’s released will there be anyone actually talking to it?

Especially if it’s true that any future improvements will “take some time”. Words spoken by Battlefield’s new Game Director, Marcus Lehto, earlier this year.

Lehto isn’t present for most Battlefield 2042 development, but with many feeling that the latest title should be handed over to scrap heaps, how much time do you realistically spend on it?

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