All Golden Seed Locations + Maps

Elden Ring can be a punishing experience, but fortunately Golden Seeds allows players to upgrade the number of healing flasks they carry. This is the place to find them all.

Elden Ring can be a great enemy for even the most experienced player.

Even players who have chosen a beginner class to suit their style of play and learn their stats tirelessly will find Elden Ring difficult. Understanding all the different abilities and items you use is important.

Players hoping to continue the campaign will need to recover and add their Focus Points on an ongoing basis. It’s good that Elden Ring offers different methods to boost your HP. But even so, it can be challenging to survive.

Thankfully, players can increase the amount of charge for their flasks with the help of Gold Seeds.

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The Golden Seed of the Elden Ring

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Elden’s Ring: What is the Seed of Gold?

The Golden Seed allows players to increase the number of uses for the Crimson and Cerulean Flask.

Crimson Flasks and Cerulean Flasks will help players through their journey. Once you understand what it is and how to use it, you will want to improve it to maximize the number of times you can use it.

Elden Ring Flask

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To do that, you need the Golden Seed.

Gold Seeds are a very rare consumable near Erdtree’s deviated gold branches. They are scattered around different areas in the Lands Between. You may want to prepare your mounts for this.

This is where you can find them.

Elden’s Ring: Where to Find Every Seed of Gold

There are over 25 Golden Seeds found so far in the Elden Ring.

The first can be selected as a Memento when players embark on their Elden Ring journey. This can be very useful for players as it will allow you to start the game from scratch with an extra flask.

The Golden Seed of the Elden Ring

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They were under a golden tree like a sapling from Erdtree. It will be easy to see them as they will emit a golden glow from it. This is where you can find them.


Golden Seed Elden Limgrave Golden Seed

  • 1. Golden Seed – On the side of the road leading to Stormveil Palace after passing Stormgate. Just follow the path.
  • 2. Seed of Gold- In East Limgrave. Near Mistwood. Make your way to the entrance Fort Haight, and you’ll find it here. There will be some enemies that you will encounter so be prepared to fight or ride your rides to get them quickly.
  • 3. Gold Seeds – Available to players after unlocking Roderika as a trader. Players can find it near Stormhill Shack at his home. Once he is in the Prisoner of the Round Table just return to Stormhill Shack and the golden seed will be where he once was.
  • 4. Seed of Gold – It is available after defeating the secret boss, ie The Spirit of the Ulcer Treein Tomb of the Hero of Fringefolk. To achieve this, you need to use the two Stonesword Keys on the Imp Statue in the cave where you started the game. Boss fights can be very challenging so we do not recommend coming here until you have improved your character.
  • 5. Seed of Gold – After the full search line Roderika and unlocks her as a trader in the Round Table Holder talks to her. He will give you the Golden Seed to thank for your problems.

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The Crying Peninsula

Elden's Golden Seed Crying Peninsula

  • 6. Seed of Gold – Just north of Castle Morne. If you are at the Site of Grace, go south down the road until you are near some cliffs and fall down. The golden seed will be here. There will be giants that will throw great fire arrows at you. It is around the area where you first saw it.

Stormveil Palace

Elden Golden Seed Ring of Stormveil Palace

  • 7. Golden Seeds – Available in the Stormveil Palace courtyard. Just before you head up the stairs leading to Godrick the Grafted.
  • 8. Golden Seed – Can be found near the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle. Near the Site of Grace.

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Liurnia of the Lakes

Golden Seed Elden Lirunia of the Lakes 1 (1)

Golden Seed of Elden Liurnia of the Lakes 2

  • 9. Golden Seed-Right next to the Grace Academy Gate City Site. Go northwest and you should meet him.
  • 10. Golden Seed – After defeating the Red Wolf Radagon heads to the yard. It will be under a bridge near a small crab creature.
  • 11. Golden Seed – From the Main Academy Gate just follow the road to the north.
  • 12. Golden Seed – At Caria Manor only after discovering the Upstairs Manor.
  • 13. Golden Seed – In the northernmost part of the Ravine. Just start at The Ravine Site of Grace and go north. You will eventually achieve it.


Elden Caelid Gold Seed 1

Elden Caelid Gold Seed Ring

  • 14. Golden Seed – On the road leading to Redmane Palace. They will see golden seeds near some enemies.
  • 15. Golden Seed – Near Sellia Grace Crystal Tunnel Site. Players have to leave the tunnel and head left towards a set of stairs that will take them to the Golden Seed.
  • 16. Golden Seed – Just south of the Animal Sanctum. Follow the path down and you have to face it.

Atlus Plateau

Elden Atlus Plateau Gold Seed Ring

Elden Atlus Plateau Gold Seed Ring

  • 17. Golden Seed-Near Grace Erdtree-Gazling Hill Site. A little to the west but if you are at the Site of Grace, you will be able to see it.
  • 18. Golden Seed – Near Atlus Grace Highway Junction Site. Follow the road north and you will come across.
  • 19 & 20. Golden Seeds – There will be two Golden Seeds under one tree. Continue at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. If you have followed the path from the Atlus of Grace Highway Junction Site you will eventually meet them.
  • 21 & 22. Golden Seeds – On the same street from the Atlus of Grace Highway Intersection Site, you will find two more golden seeds.

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Mount Glemir

Elden Golden Seed Ring Mt Gelmir

  • 23. Golden Seed – Just north of the Grace Volcano Manor Site.
  • 24. Golden Seed – On the west side of the Tomb of Wira Gelmir. You have to go down to the dry riverbed area.

Leyndell, the Royal Capital

Elden Ring Leyndell

  • 25. Seed of Gold – At the entrance of the Royal Capital, Leyndell. You will find it near the map fragment. If you come from the entrance then it will be near the Site of Grace.

Giants mountain peak

Keep in mind that you will not be able to access this area until you have defeated Morgott, the Assassin of Omen. There is no way to skip this boss as it is needed to continue the story. You’ll find it in Leyndell, the Royal Capital’s heritage dungeon.

Elden Golden Seed Giant Mountain Peak
Blank map obtained from Elden Ring Wiki.
  • 26. Seed of Gold – From the Grand Lift of Rold, continue northeast on the road.
  • 27. Seed of Gold – Near the Site of the Liturgical Ordinance of the Town of Grace. Just head west a little.
  • 28. Seeds of Gold – From the Ruins of the Ancient Snow Valley The ruins follow the frozen river to the north. You will see Golden Seen on your right. Near the Heresy Resurrection.

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Just follow these instructions, and you’ll be on track to get plenty of charge for your Flask. This is important if you want to stand a chance against the first major boss in the Elden Ring, Margit the Fell Omen.

Finding all the Golden Seeds requires the player to have experience in the Elden Ring and a complete character. Make sure you have improved your character first.

Also, if you are struggling in higher level areas, we have a way for you to plant runes that can take you from level 10 to level 20 in minutes.

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