6 Ways to Garnish Your Interior with Oriental Rugs

Interior Design is all about aesthetic, customization, and personal investment. Whatever interior being decorated has its structure fleshed out by popular styles and personal taste. The interior, your interior, is how you express what it means to be you. Popularity has a massive effect on this form of expression–if you’re putting in the work to design your living space, you’re going to research the hot topics on the market. What we offer is exactly that: a hot topic on the market. What we at Fine Rug Collection offer are fine rugs for sale, Oriental and Persian carpets across a wide selection of styles. Our twenty years of sales have given us absolute confidence and insight toward our products in the Interior Design world. For anyone who purchases an Oriental rug, you can expect luxury, originality and excitement instilled into your living space.

Color, design, balance, sync, contrast, space–every facet that plays a role in the development of an interior likewise plays a roll with Oriental rugs. Is color an important trait when it comes to your interior? Sync or contrast your walls, furniture, and existing floor with an Oriental rug lathered in natural dyes. Are you seeking something that will embolden your living room as a “centerpiece” that every house guest’s eyes are drawn upon? An Oriental rug sporting details and designs across its entire surface area will draw any person’s eye toward its luxury. Are looking for something to add that finishing touch you’ve been pursuing for your guest room, that simply gives it that extra “zest” or “quality” that homes can tend to lack? An Oriental rug emblazoned with its original array of hues, etchings, and motifs will balance any setting.

As you can see, there are many routes an Oriental rug can gloss over in terms of placement. However, stating this only does half the job. Understanding how exactly an Oriental rug can play a role in improving your living space is key. Enjoy our peak into the functionality of Oriental rugs within world of Interior Design!


Balance can come in several forms that draw between two primary spectrums: Contrast or Sync. An Oriental rug with its myriad of potential designs, motifs, sizes, and colors, can provide either of these spectrums in full force. Whether you’re looking to add a flavorful contrast or a perfect balance, an Oriental rug can provide either with complete satisfaction.


The luscious nature of an Oriental rug will draw the eye of any guest that comes into your home. The unique presentation every Oriental rug provides is the main fuel behind its ability to act as a centerpiece. Imagine an Oushak carpet’s sprawling motifs and embroiled bright colors adorned across your living room floor. In any arrangement, your guests will have to try to not notice this decorative addition.

6 Ways to Garnish Your Interior with Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs feature one-of-a-kind artistry that’s been a constant characteristic since their first conception. Each part of creating an Oriental rug has an original artistic influence that’s inspired by the area they’re crafted. For example, the Kashan carpet of Iran, featuring a medallion with floral motifs sprawling from the center, differs in layout from the symmetrical and floral Tabriz of Persia. No two rugs are ever the same with each sporting their own creative approach and disposition.

6 Ways to Garnish Your Interior with Oriental Rugs


The different creative appearances with Oriental rugs gives them their originality and innovation. If you purchase an Oriental rug, nothing will ever be able to match its likeness—even rugs belonging to the same category. Oriental carpets are culturally inspired in terms of design, but even these influences take on divergent forms. The final product gives every single Oriental rug their own innovative aesthetic.

6 Ways to Garnish Your Interior with Oriental Rugs


The materials in an Oriental rug vary between three mediums: wool, cotton, and silk. Wool is the most common, normally used in the knotting of the rug to provide both its foundation and surface area. While wool is the most common, cotton and silk are sometimes employed to add differing textures that likewise promote a soft and comfortable feel. When you set foot on these handmade carpets.

6 Ways to Garnish Your Interior with Oriental Rugs


All these points produce an encompassing end: a choice in options. There are numerous styles of Oriental rugs that come from all over the Eastern world, including Persia, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Each has their own sizes, influences, motifs, colors, styles—any aspect you could image pertaining to a carpet. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s certainly here, and certainly waiting for you.


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