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If you want to win consistently in Warzone Pacific, here are some tips to keep in mind as you speed into the highlands of the Caldera.

There’s no denying that Warzone wasn’t the same after the Pacific update. Since the release of the update, Raven Software has introduced many balance changes, with some hidden tweaks as well.

While most fans don’t know what to expect for Warzone after Microsoft’s deal with Activision, many players are still in the process of winning more matches.

But even so, there are some tips and tricks that can separate you from regular players. And if you want to dominate the Caldera, here’s what you need to do.

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how to win in the caldera consistently get more kills warzone pacific


10 Best Caldera Tips To Win Every Battle Royale in Warzone Pacific

10. Use Best Settings for Warzone Pacific

Making sure you have a setting that suits your style of play is important before jumping into any other aspect to win in Warzone Pacific. With the FOV launcher still uncertain for consoles, there are other tweaks that can help you take your game to the next level.

Here are the best settings for console and PC players:

best pc console controller settings for war zone pacific caldera


9. Warm Up Before Jumping Into Battle Royale

Getting a feel for your mouse or guard stick is essential to getting a kill when it matters most. For this, you can get into Plunder and heat up your goal.

After a while, you will see your muscle memory begin and you will be able to regularly land shots on your opponent. It can also be a good opportunity if you want to practice with a particular weapon in particular.

Warming up before a match can also allow you to eliminate hackers, as RICOCHET anti-cheats silence cheats in Warzone.

warmup aim battle royale


8. Land on the Caldera As Fast As Possible

With loading only available after the first gas circle, most players are looking to get off at the best loot spot on the Caldera. However, as you assess the situation from the sky, some players seem to always be ahead of other players.

To make sure you’re one of the first to land, keep a few things in mind:

  • If you want to land somewhere in the flight path, make sure you drop at least a few hundred meters before the plane is directly on top of the place you want. Then, press forward towards the location and use your chute as soon as you are close to the surface.
  • If you want to lower the chute away from the direction of the plane, make sure you repeatedly use your chute and cut it. This will ensure your vertical velocity increases while heading to where you want.

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landed in the pacific war zone quickly


7. Win Gulag Opponents Consistently

Death is inevitable but Warzone provides a chance to get back into the game by sending players to the Gulag. The Pacific brought a new map of the Caldera and with it came the new Gulag.

Luckily, it’s not hard to win every Gulag in the Caldera if you know the best tricks. Whether you have a pre -planned plan or you want to react to your opponent’s actions, it’s important to win your Gulag match.

Although, it seems fans already consider Caldera boring and want Verdansk back on the Warzone playlist!



6. Position in the Pacific Warzone

Whether you’re a passive or aggressive player, a timely turn is the key to survival in Warzone. Many players waste their time collecting land grabs and often find themselves suffering severe damage from a collapsing gas circle.

If you are a passive player, it is best to move with the perimeter of the circle. On the other hand, if you like to play and jump over your enemies, it’s best to go early to the safe zone and avoid open areas.

Moreover, Warzone players are often trapped in the rocks of the Caldera. So, spinning early will give you enough time to avoid the same thing.

Also, the Warzone gas mask animation still spoils the game despite the changes. It is better to run before the green toxins surround you!

best position caldera warzone pacific fast running tactical sprint


5. Use Utilities and Contracts Well

Cash is available in abundance at all Caldera POIs. It is wise to go to the Purchase Station and equip yourself with a Self Refurbishment Kit or Armor Box. Unlike Verdansk, players can only get their custom loads after the second round starts, so keeping cash until that can prove detrimental.

Further, completing the contract especially Big Game Bounty provides players with Advanced UAVs. Now, using this can be a huge advantage as you will know the location of a person or a full squad at all times.

But apparently Warzone hackers and fraudsters ruined the Caldera lobby. No amount of cash in the game can stop you from dying when it gets locked in your head!

pacific warzone purchase station utility contract


4. Go to the Highlands at Caldera

Unlike Verdansk, the Caldera has a vibrant and varied terrain. And more often than not, players have to climb hills that slow them down, making them easy targets.

Aside from getting a good vantage point, a high spot also allows you to get involved in fights, heal quickly and get back into the fight again. Although, if you are stuck in a tense situation on the lower ground, it is more difficult to take a deep breath or escape.

Keep in mind, Anakin basically lost in high places. But, maybe loading a sniper one of the best shots in Warzone Pacific will help you defeat enemies camping at the top of the hill.

Best highland caldera top loot hot spot hot drop sniper best position


3. Watch Better Players and Use Meta Weapons in Warzone Pacific

Learning from professional players is a big aspect to improve in Warzone. Aside from observing players ’tendencies better, monitoring how they react to certain situations can also be useful.

Caldera is a relatively open map and there is still room to define meta. Although, many in the Warzone community feel that it is impossible to keep up with meta weapons.

However, if you don’t use weapons that are statistically better than others, you put yourself at a huge disadvantage. Fortunately, our list of the best weapons will help you collect more kills and win in Warzone Pacific:

the best meta weapon of warzone pacific season 2


2. Increase Your Movement

Learning a map is one thing but using it well by circling the map easily is another. Now, you don’t have to be the king of the next move like JoeWo, though moving fast can help you hit multiple opponents at once.

Certain movement mechanics such as rabbit jumping and canceling slides in Warzone allow players to improve their game. Over time this mechanic becomes second nature to most players, and will definitely get you out of difficult situations.

However, if you are not willing to put in the time and effort, a fighter plane can be your best friend. Some Warzone players win matches by flying planes for the entire match!

joewo movement


1. Ignore Your Statistics

Call of Duty players repeatedly stress about their K/D ratio. While having a higher K/D can mean you’re a good player, it can also mean you’re involved in minimal fights.

Also, players can win Battle Royale matches and only have 1 kill. Limiting the number of fights to maintain your pristine stats is more damaging than it looks.

Confident in your ability to make games and having the trigger discipline to make cunning games is the best way to improve your stats and win in Warzone Pacific.

Didn’t find enough action on the Caldera? Jump to Rebirth Island with the best weapon loading. The map is small and offers a lot of action to the player.

method the best way warzone pacific to win season 2


In other news, Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season 2 have been delayed as developers prioritize improvements over content updates.

Also, Call of Duty fans want ‘Warzone 2.0’ with Modern Warfare 2 this year. It seems that the list of claims never ends!

Finally, there are a lot of things players want with Season 1 in Warzone Pacific. However, 5 things are needed in Warzone Pacific Season 2, to keep the community happy and engaged.

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